5 réflexions sur “Pause cigarette (Éboueur), Paris, 2018

    • Maybe because we don’t do any work like that, we forgot that it is a very physical work. And that breaks are just necessary, just to carry on doing the work 🙂
      Thanks a lot Yoshimi. And have a good day !

      • So I’m not talking about a break as a tired person who needs rest, but a break … a person who takes a lot to not work too much (or do his job more slowly, and continue to be paid)

        In the public service the mentality at work is very different from the one you encounter in the private function.
        I do not target the people who work on the streets, but generally the people who work in the offices as well.

        I worked in offices (public service) and I saw and noticed things (which I can not of course disclose).

        Have a good day 😀

  1. I worked as an architect first at public SNCF then in a private bank Société Générale, where I can tell you, people where more lazy and much less productive as people of public SNCF.
    Saying private is more productive is political. It just helps politics to try to show that private will do same with less money. It is not true. Private need more money than public to renumerate shareholders. So they have to lie and to say that they are better at work. But this is untrue.

  2. To say that the private is more productive than the public is wrong (and in the opposite direction too), and that’s not what I said, I did not generalize especially: D
    I did not generalize, but also talked about what I experienced seeing some colleagues … (in the past)

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